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FD strawberry Slice
FD strawberry Slice FD strawberry Slice FD strawberry Slice FD strawberry Slice FD strawberry Slice

FD strawberry Slice

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Price:                                $0.66/bag(20g)

Size:                                  Slice  5-7mm

Package:                        10g, 20g retail package, bulk package 1kg, 5kg.

Suitable for Snack

Taste:                                  Sour and crispy, full of strawberry original flavor.

Certificate:                      HACCP, ISO, BRC

Product Description

dehydrated strawberries

Freeze dried strawberry with freeze dried technology, well keep original shape, piece by piece, all with heart do, strawberry shape and beautiful streamline show to our clients, no one could refuse them lovely shape. Crispy taste, focus on the essence of strawberry nutrition and taste, full feel life delicate side, Elegant shape add light crunch, bring clients high level quality feeling, suitable high level party, important meeting, large dinner etc great occasion, with freeze dried strawberry decoration and part, nice feeling of comfortable and relax to people, which could let part, meeting, dinner etc happy and satisfy.

Freeze dried strawberry, highly show your company taste on life, purse on quality, building on the faith, whole will be accept by clients and friend, which could also bring a good feeling to your friend and recognize by your friend’s friend, more and more people recognize your product, they recognize you and your good company.

18 months shelf-life, without any preservative and non-additive, health and let you avoiding shortage of freeze dried strawberry, shortage of fresh fruit, also shortage of transportation effect etc any urgency situation, well contain into the aluminum package, good heat seal, into cool place, food is perfect. Not matter epidemic, or war, with freeze dried strawberry, any occasion, you could be no worried about quality and shortage bring problem.





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Q: Can I have your FD strawberries catalog?

A: Yes, pls contact our sales to get our catalog or price list.

Q: How about your MOQ?

A: For normal items, we don't have MOQ required, any weight can be proceed, some special item means which we don't have raw material in stock, MOQ should be 200-300kgs.

Q: How about your package?

A: All of our package are aluminium bags. We can provide your small package in 20-50g, also can provide you bulk package in 10kg and so on.

Q: Can you pack FD strawberries under our brand?

A: Yes, we can provide you OEM service,  supply bags printed in your design, or we can help you to do your brand design.

Q: How about your payment?

A: We accept payment L/C, T/T, Paypal, Cash and so on. Payment item is 30% TT in advance, balance 70% TT before loading cargo in port.

Q: Can I have some samples and how to get it?

A: You can contact with our sales to ask samples by email. Our sample policy is samples under 20g each item (total qty less than 50g) can be got by free, you just need to bear the express charge. All samples delivered by EMS, express charge should pay to our paypal account or company account.

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